About me

Special work for IUT(Analyse apprentissage)

(This is for my professor Anita Messaoui & in French) You can find the file you asked alongside the portfolio here

Hello, I'm 0xa0 👋!


I am a 21 year old developer from France ! I really like to code and learn new things. I am currently learning Svelte framework. I also like to play video games and watch anime.

I'm currently at my 3rd year at the IUT of Montpellier, France. I am studying Computer Science there. I've chosen this field because I always had a profound interest in computers and technology in general. I kinda have an interest in simulation ,AI and cybersecurity.

At the end of my 3rd year, I want to continue my studies in a computer science school. Especially an engineer school like Polytech or the C.N.A.M. for exemple

What about me in general ? 🤔

I'm someone who really like to discover new things and read a lot, I come from the South of France near Perpignan so that means that I can easily access Spain whenever I want to. I really like to make website when I feel like it or when I need to answer a need( or sometimes for a personal challenge)

I don't play a lot of video games but the one I mainly play is Minecraft. I've participated in enormous project like in that video or that one. I also code Minecraft mods in Java that are mostly aesthetics because I don't want to modify the core gameplay of the game.

My skills 💻


Contact me 📧

You can contact me by email at sarah@0xa0.dev and my 🇫🇷 resume is available here